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INO CONcert Series

Livestorm 6
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Grena Dean
Performer, (ft. Michael Shanks and Dana Fakhoury)

Grena Dean is a queer pop/acoustic vocalist and piano player who focuses their music around social issues.  You can find subjects such as equal rights, social anxiety, depression, and struggle in their music.  GD has teamed up with Indie/Blues singer/songwriter guitarist/harmonica video-editor Michael Shanks and Sound Guru Dana Fakhoury to create this psycho, acoustic, emotional piece about social anxiety and harmful language. 

Natalia Lacrete

Natalia Lacrete is a Pianist, Percussionist, and Singer from Miami, Florida. Born to a Father from Haiti and a Mother from Nicaragua, and both sides of her family being of Latin, Caribbean, European, African, Asian, and Native American descent, she has always been surrounded by Latin, Caribbean, European, and Native music. The songs from Natalia’s recent project, which will be released on all music streaming platforms by mid-July, were created using her experiences/skills as a Musician and the influences of her family background. “The singles from my Project “Versatility” are meant to show who I am as an artist through 3 different pieces written in 3 different genres ranging from an Instrumental Ballad, Pop, and Latin/Caribbean. Since my background is diverse both musically and ethnically, I wanted to use the knowledge that I have to create pieces that display my versatility as a performer and as a composer.”

Natalia is an Alumna of the Berklee College of Music Boston Campus where she completed a Bachelor of Music in Professional Music with Concentrations in Performance and Music Business. She also has a Minor in Performance Studies in Latin Music. Her Principal Instrument was Piano. Natalia is currently studying her Master of Music in Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration) at the Berklee College of Music Valencia Campus where her Principal Instrument is Percussion. The genres she plays ranges from Classical, Latin to R&B and Pop.


Monár is an artist- songwriter-producer from México, currently based in Spain where, while finishing her studies at Berklee Valencia, she found inspiration during the world lockdown to produce and record the album "Elementos", a celebration of Earth and Human emotions. This album showcases elements of nature and for the sound design, she mixes tropical beach vibes, warm rhythms, and fun melodies. She used recycled plastic from the ocean for the recording of her signature sounds and created "The Trashpad", a waste-based percussion instrument.


French-born ARAE is using her trap-pop anthems to demolish societal taboos. Mirroring the anxieties of her generation, her lyrics address issues such as mental health, climate change and gender inequality. She aspires to become a "pop music superhero".

ARAE also has synesthesia, meaning she sees colours when she hears music. She uses this ability to write and produce her songs, but also to control the visual aspect of her brand. 

ARAE is from Arras, in Northern France, but has been living abroad for the last five years; first in the UK, and currently, in Spain.

INO CONcert Series showcases a group of multifaceted artists that combined the use of audiovisual storytelling and tech to the virtual space!