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INO CONcert Series

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Artist-producer Dystorizon harvests the diverse nature of electronic music. Being an audiophile from an early age, the computer science engineer looks at sound at the very frangible detail. Not married to a genre, his performance includes his productions in experimental electronic music, glitch, and ambient music. Get on a sonic journey, as Dystorizon navigates through his realm of lush synths, heavy drums, and deep bass by using loop-based manipulation on the keyboard and controller.

Lisa Murray

Lisa Murray is an Irish artist, producer and multi-faceted creator. Her areas of expertise include music production, audio engineering, songwriting, visual art and design. She is currently working with the Museum of Broken Relationships to create an album of music inspired by the hearbreaking stories in their collection. During INO CON 2020, a selection of previews of the AV album ‘A Broken Record’ will be showcased.

INO CONcert Series showcases a group of multifaceted artists that combined the use of audiovisual storytelling and tech to the virtual space!