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INO CONcert Series

Livestorm 22
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serin oh

Born in Suwon, South Korea, Serin Oh moved to Ohio with her family at the age of six. Growing up in church, she was surrounded by gospel music in her formative years. During her time at Berklee College of Music, she discovered her love for jazz and r&b, whilst also rediscovering her Korean roots through the lens of K-Pop, which led her to the melting pot genre of soul-pop. She hopes to uplift third culture kids in the creative world through her music, especially fellow Asian Americans.


REALLY RYAN is an Audio-Visual theremin-playing Artist who blends Latin, Reggae, and Electronic genres to create deep, heady, and glitchy grooves that emanate from the Pacific influenced, half-Mexican/American multi-instrumentalist DJ/VJ, Ryan Vazquez. His fusion sound aims to shed light on the reality that we are all one humanity, connected through music. He has played live alongside Manu Delago and Isa Kurz with the Linux Laptop Orchestra and played laptop accompaniment with the VT Symphonic Wind Ensemble at Carnegie Hall. Ryan has spent the last 7 years trying to figure out who he is, and how to express himself. Finally, the time has come...he’s REALLY RYAN, and he’s making some real tasty waves. 

INO CONcert Series showcases a group of multifaceted artists that combined the use of audiovisual storytelling and tech to the virtual space!