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Friday, July 10, 2020

Berklee 2020 Rewind: The Future is Now

We invite you to a showcase that brings together a selection of next-generation graduating artists and guests, in one-of-a-kind performances to celebrate the Berklee Valencia Graduate Class of 2020.  Although current circumstances have scattered members of the Berklee Valencia community around the globe, we have never been more connected.  The senseless killing of George Floyd has galvanized our resolve, bringing up a reckoning that as a community, we must take a stand to end systemic racism and oppression.  On the eve of Berklee Valencia’s commencement ceremony, we invite you to join us for a celebration of our graduates’ growth and resilience that are possible through flexibility, innovation, and the support of community.  Our networks and long-lasting relationships form the roots that allow our community to weather and thrive in the changing landscape, as we chart our paths into the future.  Let us rise to the challenge, and make a difference together. As we Rewind Berklee Valencia’s 2020, The Future is Now.

Serin Oh

Chavis Chance

Lisa Murray

Global Rhythm Seminar by Sergio Martínez

Shaden Nahra

Delia Joyce


Michael Shanks

Lila Downs