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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

All You Need To Know About: Getting Paid For Your Music
Garvit Aggarwal
Garvit Aggarwal
Groovy Consulting, Music Royalties Consultant

A musician earns royalties from the exploitation of copyrighted music they own. It is an enigma to understand the music industry, let alone figure out your income from most royalty sources. You have some people/ organizations to help you sift through the nuances of the industry and collect money that is owed to you. This lecture will empower you to make professional choices regarding getting help to run your business, figuring out your copyrights and associated royalties, getting to know the revenue sources for yourself, and building a mind-map of the possibilities that you can take advantage of as a musician. “There will be no music without the musician, so there should be no music money without them.”