Tuesday, October 20, 2020

When Everyone’s Gone Digital, Can the Human Touch in Insurance Advice Survive?
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Moshe Tamir
Axell, CEO & Founder
Ankit Agrawal
InsuranceDekho, CEO & Founder
Cleosent Randing
Pasarpolis, CEO & Founder
Harprem Doowa
frank.co.th, CEO & Co-Founder

Never before has there been a greater need to digitally transform the insurance distribution world. The role of intermediary in other industries is completely changing.  The events of 2020 have propelled brokers and incumbents into the future where technology across the eco-system is critical to business operations. While incumbents have strategic advantages, for example scale and technical product expertise, digital solutions are best developed by digital natives. With the latest IPO of lemonade where investors value the full stack insurer model it is a great opportunity to discuss future the role of digital brokers and enabling insurance agency model in a digital world.