Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A New “Lease On Life”: Life Insurers Reimagine Customer Engagement
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Peter Ohnemus
dacadoo, CEO
Sean Ringsted
Chubb, CDO & CRO

Life insurers have “flipped the script” from focusing on mortality to having a greater emphasis on disease prevention and how consumers can live longer, heathier and financially successful lives. dacadoo CEO Peter Ohnemus and Chubb Chief Digital Officer Sean Ringsted discuss digital transformation, advances in technology and how changing consumer behaviors are driving insurers to reposition life insurance to in a hyper-personalized manner. Leveraging rich data and predictive analytics provided by IoT technology is helping to shift the insurer’s role from a reactive service, to a “predict and prevent” service – finding meaningful ways to engage with consumers that decreases risk and leads to healthier lifestyles.