Building the Insurance Company of the Future


Assaf Wand
Hippo, CEO & Co-Founder
Jay Weintraub
InsureTech Connect, CEO & Co-Founder

Even a few years ago to suggest that an insurance company should do more than be a risk bearing entity would have sounded practically heretical. Today, it is a conversation that is either happening or needs to be happening at almost every insurer. The question isn't one of improving customer service, creating user friendly products, and / or writing better risk. It is asking the question, "Does the insurance company of the future do more than insurance? That question was at the heart of why Hippo began. They have already helped pioneer the idea of being a proactive insurance company. We sit down with Hippo's CEO and Co-Founder Assaf Wand to explore his take on not just evolving the insurance value proposition but the more existential question around does the insurance company of the future do more than insurance.