ITC Class of 2016 Evolution and Lessons Learned


Robin Roberson
Claim Central, Managing Director - North America

Robin is a serial entrepreneur who has built several companies, most notably (within the insurance sector) as co-founder and previous CEO of WeGoLook.  Robin helped pioneer virtual desk inspections/adjusting before the term ‘insurtech’ was mainstream and changed how carriers and IA firms leveraged the ‘gig economy’.  Upon exiting WeGoLook, Robin became partner of BuildArray, a low-code/no-code technology platform utilized by risk managers.  She is now Managing Director, North America, at Claim Central Consolidated where her team has soft-launched an open marketplace centered around digital claims solutions and is revolutionizing virtual video inspections via Livegenic (a recent Claim Central acquisition) during COVID.

The insurtech community, carriers and ITC class of 2016 members have evolved together over the past 4 years.  During this session, you will hear from alumni of ITC 2016 and former CEO/co-founder of an early entrant into the insurtech space which sold for over 36M.  She will share her journey, lessons learned along the way and provide a sneak  peek into her current insurtech quest, providing a true open marketplace, connecting insurtechs and field services for carriers, TPAs and IA firms of any size.