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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Breaking Down Barriers to Entry for Broker Tech
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Niji Sabharwal
AgentSync, CEO & Co-Founder
Parker Conrad
Rippling, CEO

Niji Sabharwal and Parker Conrad chat about how innovation in broker tech is chipping away at the barriers to entry to the industry. To illustrate the point we plan to chat about how Rippling (All in one HR, benefits, payroll, and IT management) is leveraging AgentSync (Insurance licensing compliance platform) to automate and enforce broker compliance processes.

New Normal: Our Digital Path Forward
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Michael Howe
Applied Systems, EVP of Product Management

Join us as Applied’s EVP of Product Management discusses the opportunities for technology to grow the ecosystem of insurance to create unprecedented opportunities as we build our digital path forward. From connected customer experience to a more digital distribution channel, technology stands to create a tighter, more collaborative ecosystem to drive greater productivity and value for all stakeholders of the insurance lifecycle.

A Fireside Chat with Amy Zupon, CEO, Vertafore hosted by Jordan Nof, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Tusk Ventures
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Jordan Nof
Tusk Ventures, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Amy Zupon
Vertafore, CEO

Insurance distribution is evolving. Vertafore ensures carriers stay ahead to meet agent expectations. Not easy to do in a space like insurance that can be seen by outsiders as stagnant. Zupon in her 4 years at the company has brought an entrepreneurial spirit to build products that create real value for their customers - to help independent agencies run more efficiently. This is a session not to be missed especially for our Brokers and Agencies.

Insurtech 2040
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Brian Hetherington
The ABD Team, Chairman
Kathleen Burns
Ryan Specialty Group, CEO & CDO
Jennie Weiland
PayneWest Insurance, Managing Director, Small Business
Bob Jenkins
Travelers, VP, Vice President, Enterprise Agent Experience Head, Distribution Platform Strategy Lead

With all the advancements in insurtech what will the ecosystem look like in 2040? How will it be distributed? How will smart homes and autonomous cars impact insurance? How will the role of the carrier, wholesaler, and retailer change? All this and more as we explore the insurance landscape of 2040.

Insurance Ecosystem and Value-Chain
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Mike McIntire
The Graham Company, CTO
Tom Parsons
AmWINS Group, Head of Digital
Jim Surchara
Amerisure Insurance, VP Innovation
Wendi Bukowitz
The Cincinnati Insurance Companies, Director of Strategic Innovation

An agency, a wholesaler, and a carrier to discuss where opportunities lie for each of their respective areas of the insurance ecosystem. Listen to understand where the next great opportunities exist in the world of insurtech.

Learn How the Bouchard Region for Marsh & McLennan Agency Finds Success Using Indio
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Michael Furlong
Indio Technologies, CEO & Co-Founder
Justin Barnaky
Bouchard Insurance, a Marsh & McLennan Agency, Business Insurance Practice Leader

Learn how the Bouchard region for Marsh & McLennan Agency has fully automated their client data capture and application experience for their commercial lines business using Indio. In the words of Justin Barnaky of Bouchard Insurance, "We view Indio as the TurboTax of insurance."

Enabling Digital Transformation
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Liri Halperin
LeO, CEO & Founder

Traditional, costly, slow - just a few of the words that come to mind when some think of insurance. Not to mention the high operation costs and human error. How do you turn insurance into an Amazon experience where with the click of a button on your phone a customer can get anything they want? Learn more about LeO and how they are updating the customer experience and streamlining the process for insurance agents.

Innovation & Inclusion
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Kacie Conroy
M3 Insurance, Director of IT
Taruja Deshmukh
Conner Strong & Buckelew, Associate Account Executive
Ellen Willadsen
Holmes Murphy & Associates, CFO

The insurance and insurtech space can feel homogeneous at times. The team at BrokerTech Ventures are making intentional efforts to become a catalyst for change within the insurance industry, in creating an Innovation & Inclusion task-force. Listen to some of these task force founders and industry leaders, ranging in expertise and backgrounds, that break the mold and open our eyes to the many benefits of an increasingly diverse and inclusive industry.

How to Work Effectively with InsurTechs
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Ian Jeffrey
Breathe Life, CEO & Co-Founder

The InsurTech landscape can be murky and difficult to navigate and this doesn’t stop when you’ve found the right partner. Having now partnered with numerous carriers across North America and heard horror stories of partnerships gone wrong, Breathe Life has pulled together some best practices on what both carriers and InsurTechs can do to ensure that they get the most out of the relationship. This includes red flags that both sides can look out for (hint - these include not being able to see and InsurTechs product and the carrier not being clear about their budget or timeline) and tips for both sides of the table to ensure contract negotiations, implementation, and the long term relationship are risk free and deliver value to everyone.

Drive Results in a Working From Home World
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Seth Preus
Mivation, Founder & Senior Advisor

While working from home (WFH) has presented many challenges, one of the most significant is the loss of “work visibility” for both managers and producers. Quite simply, nobody knows who’s doing what. By using many of the same motivational concepts that drive performance in sports, gamification presents an effective and entertaining way to elevate the metrics that matter most and focus the team on specific income-producing results. Effective gamification programs improve engagement, facilitate regular communication and drive superior performance – regardless of where the team is working.