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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Insurance in the Age of E-Commerce
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Brandon Gell
Clyde, CEO & Founder

Gone are the days of committing to insurance policies that have long-term implications and recurring payments. In the age of e-commerce, insurance purchase funnels are inextricably linked to the checkout funnel, and there are a multitude of “single-use” policies for all types of e-commerce purchases. Learn how the explosion of e-commerce has in turn created new insurance products and shifted how insurance is bought and sold.

Adventures in Insurtech
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Karn Saroya
Cover, CEO & Co-Founder

Join for Cover’s journey from a lead gen business to where they are now, serving the underbanked and underserved. While they might have been naive to insurance four and a half years ago when they started but that’s no longer the case. Slick packaging isn’t going to cut it says Cover’s CEO, you need to be focused on the core business - underwriting and risk selection. See what they are doing right and how they keep to their 3 values they live by: innovation, efficiency and trust.

Accelerate Submission Intake and Policy Checking with AI
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Ron Glozman
Chisel AI, CEO & Founder

Learn how AI-powered data extraction and automated underwriting and brokering workflows can help commercial lines brokers and carriers deliver a better customer experience and grow their business without adding staff. In this demo, we will review how AI enables carriers to complete a portion of the submission intake process before a submission ever reaches a human underwriter and how brokers and carriers can leverage AI to automate the process of checking policies for errors and omissions to ensure the quality and completeness of policies prior to issuance. With Chisel AI, what used to take hours and days now takes minutes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Redesigning Insurance for Startups
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Travis Hedge
Vouch Insurance, Co-Founder & VP of Biz Dev

Lower risk for the riskiest group! Vouch is fundamentally changing insurance from end-to-end for startups – businesses which tend to grow and change rapidly, creating entirely new risks along the way. Like teenage drivers, today they are all lumped together and penalized for not fitting the mold of what the insurance industry views as “good risk.” Unlike teenage drivers, most founders did not start their company for a joy ride - they are building real businesses for scale. In this talk, Travis Hedge, co-founder of Vouch, will discuss the need for specialized, unique business insurance for startups and how — through dynamic, customer-centric underwriting and a holistic understanding of each startup's needs — Vouch is lowering risk for the world’s most ambitious companies.

Enabling Digital Transformation
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Liri Halperin
LeO, CEO & Founder

Traditional, costly, slow - just a few of the words that come to mind when some think of insurance. Not to mention the high operation costs and human error. How do you turn insurance into an Amazon experience where with the click of a button on your phone a customer can get anything they want? Learn more about LeO and how they are updating the customer experience and streamlining the process for insurance agents.

Drive Results in a Working From Home World
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Seth Preus
Mivation, Founder & Senior Advisor

While working from home (WFH) has presented many challenges, one of the most significant is the loss of “work visibility” for both managers and producers. Quite simply, nobody knows who’s doing what. By using many of the same motivational concepts that drive performance in sports, gamification presents an effective and entertaining way to elevate the metrics that matter most and focus the team on specific income-producing results. Effective gamification programs improve engagement, facilitate regular communication and drive superior performance – regardless of where the team is working.