Bootstraping real world Jakarta EE/MicroProfile microservices with Maven archetypes


Victor Orozco
Nabenik, Founder

Víctor Orozco holds a master in Computer Science awarded with a scholarship from the Organization of American States. JUG Leader of Guatemala Java Users group (the biggest IT user group in Central America), Duke’s Choice Award 2016 winner, Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, and instructor on Edx micromasters. “By day” he works as a Java trainer and consultant for Nabenik with clients from the financial, government and banking sector.

Despite the "micro" in the name, real world microservices tend to use a lot of technologies like data persistence, log facades, IoC which aren't always included in the chassis. Hence, Java architects tend to repeat themselves assembling projects with microservices chassis+libraries trying struggling to find the balance between "usefully bloated" and "heavily bloated".

In this presentation I present our(my company's) experience while curating a set of libraries that complement MicroProfile chassis to manage microservices, data migrations and data persistence like:

* Eclipse JKube

* Flyway

* Deltaspike

Explaining why these libraries are useful and play well in the context of MicroProfile/Jakarta EE and Microservices patterns like those in

Later I describe how everyone could curate their libraries and create their archetypes, and how we did it obtaining as product Kukulkan EE: