New trends in software development with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud


Marcin Grzejszczak
VMware, Staff Engineer

Marcin is co-author of SmartTesting (, author of Hands-On Guide to Spring Cloud Contract: Creating Consumer-Driven Contracts to Leverage Contract Tests and Improve Your Code(, and co-author of Applied Continuous Delivery Live Lessons ( Co-founder of the Warsaw Groovy User Group and Warsaw Cloud Native Meetup ( and the DiverseIT ( initiative. Author of Mockito Instant ( and Mockito Cookbook ( books.

The lead of Spring Cloud Sleuth (, Spring Cloud Contract (, and Cloud Pipelines ( projects at VMware (

Olga Maciaszek-Sharma
VMware, Senior Software Engineer

Olga Maciaszek-Sharma is a Senior Software Engineer in the Spring Cloud Team at VMware, where she works primarily on Spring Cloud LoadBalancer, Spring Cloud Contract, Spring Cloud OpenFeign, and Spring Cloud Netflix projects. She programs mostly using Java and Groovy. She has gained experience while working with microservices where cutting-edge solutions were used as well as with complex legacy systems, implementing both new business features and solutions aimed at improving the process of continuous deployment and setup of applications. Olga is also a contributor to various other OSS projects, including RestAssured, JFairy, Jenkins Pipeline Plugin, Jenkins Stash Pull Request Builder Plugin, and others.

Kubernetes has become a de facto standard in cloud-native software development. Because Spring 🖤 K8s, we have added significant features that make Spring work even better in the Kubernetes environment. The GraalVM project has introduced native images that allow running Java apps in milliseconds with minimal memory footprint. Because Spring 🖤 native images, we have our own Spring Native project that lets you run Spring Boot apps blazingly fast with low memory consumption. Regardless of how you’re running your applications, production observability is a necessity to debug business problems and latency issues. Because Spring 🖤 observability, we help you add metrics to your processes with Micrometer and visualize latency thanks to distributed tracing with Spring Cloud Sleuth & Tanzu Observability. 

In this presentation, we will show you how to do all of that with Spring & Spring Cloud.