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Interfaith Relationships: A Primer for Partners and Parents

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Dr. David Gottlieb is Director of Jewish Studies at Spertus Institute of Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago. He received his PhD in the History of Judaism from the University of Chicago Divinity School in 2018. He is founding executive director of Full Circle Communities, Inc., a developer of affordable housing and provider of supportive services. David’s extended family includes two Episcopal priests, several other non-Jewish partners, and a great many great-nieces and great-nephews being raised in mixed marriages.

Interfaith relationships are a fact of contemporary Jewish life. Interfaith couples are often bombarded with questions from anxious relatives and inquisitive friends and colleagues: How will the children be raised? Will the boys be circumcised? And perhaps: “How could you do this to us?!!” This class is a judgment-free space to explore the issues and address the anxieties and questions raised when a Jewish person enters a committed relationship with a non-Jewish partner. We will read and discuss scholarship on and resources for interfaith couples and their families, attempting to understand interfaith relationships as both an issue in Jewish life and an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.