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Miriam Anzovin is a writer, visual artist, podcast host, and TikTok creator, exploring the juxtaposition of pop culture, nerd culture, and Jewish culture. Her work encourages her audience to engage with Jewish literature, history, and tradition in creative ways authentic to each individual, no matter their level of knowledge, belief, or observance. As host of The Vibe of the Tribe podcast, Miriam has interviewed authors, rabbis, artists, activists, comedians, educators, athletes, chefs, political commentators, and one presidential speechwriter. In her viral "Daf Reactions" TikTok series, Miriam shares comedic millennial commentary on her daily Talmud study. Her ongoing article series "Ridiculous Representations in Art History" examines illustrations of classic Biblical stories through a modern and highly sardonic lens. She exists at the intersection of Sefaria and Sephora.

Join a conversation with the social media personality whose work documenting her daily study of Talmud has gone viral. With wit, sass and a healthy dose of humor, Miriam summarizes ancient rabbinic arguments, democratizing the study of Gemara and pushing boundaries of gender inclusion through her work.