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Unity and Uniformity

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Lauren Cohen Fisher is the Director of Israel Education for Hillel International, where she developed Masterclass: Israel, a training fellowship for Hillel Professionals across North America, and Kol Yisrael, a 6-week learning cohort about Israel that is slated to reach its 1000th student this year. Lauren has been recognized as a national leader in Israel education, integrating history with narrative to explore the values animating today’s landscape. Outside of her work at Hillel, Lauren is a member of the Jewish Studies faculty at Colby College and an Israel education consultant for the Foundation for Jewish Camps, BBYO, Makom, and Moishe House. Lauren received her BA in Government from Colby College and her MA in Political Science from Tel Aviv University. When not “in the office,” Lauren can be found camping, reading Mary Oliver, or looking forward to her next family Zoom call.

How much does a community need to share in order to be unified? At what cost does a community build a shared identity? In this session, we will explore the creation of "the New Jew" and the establishment of a Jewish national identity. As we explore the notions of belonging and inclusion, we will look to the poetry and art of prominent Mizrachi artists to explore ideas of power, belonging, and inclusion in the Israeli landscape.