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Who gets to edit the Torah?

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I trained in Jewish Studies in the 70s and taught in Jewish day schools in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Toronto, Ontario. After some years in business, I moved back into education to teach Computer Studies in public high schools. After a teaching career of 30 years, I retired to a busy life. I'm a founder of ADRABA, an online Jewish high school program. I'm also writing a book about research I've been doing for decades into the history of the inverted nuns in Bamidbar 10:36-36. My wife Rifka and I have two daughters and 4 grandchildren.

Since Sinai, the Torah has been copied, published, reprinted and preserved only by humans. Since we know about mistakes, we also have a system to fix and preserve the best text of the Torah possible. Using scrolls, codices and manuscripts from the global library of Jewish texts, I will present evidence for the evolution, editing and correction of our scrolls over millennia. I will show how our traditional literature preserves a record of the evolution of the text of the Torah.