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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Jews Really Live There?
Carol Ellstein
Carol Ellstein
L’Dor v’Dor Northern Michigan Consortium, Interim Program Coordinator

What is life like for rural and small town Jews? You and your family are local experts on everything Jewish, regardless of what you know or practice. Your simchas are attended by more non-Jews than Jews. Finding Chanukah candles in a local store is enough to make your day. Congregations don’t care if you’re Jewish, observant, or neither; everyone is welcome and help is always needed. Volunteers make the decisions and run the show; if something Jewish is going to happen, it will be up to you. This presentation will explore the privileges and challenges of living a Jewish life in rural and remote US communities. The story of how six tiny congregations met in 2012 and grew into an extended Jewish family will be highlighted.