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Forget Prayers, Bring Cake: Grief and Grieving in 2022

MERISSA NATHAN GERSON is a writer, speaker, and spiritual consultant. Her work focuses on grief and grieving, inherited trauma, sex and intimacy, and how these themes relate to religion, disability, and identity.

She was the intergenerational trauma consultant to Amazon's hit show Transparent and has writing featured in The New York Times, Playboy Magazine, The Atlantic,, Tablet Magazine, Lilith Magazine, and beyond. After releasing a 2018 ELI Talk on consent and Talmud, she founded to address the need for consent education in Jewish spaces.

Merissa lives, writes and works in New Orleans, Louisiana. She teaches Alternative Journalism at Tulane University.

Based on the book, this is a close look at joy and loss and how they go together, and what ritual has to do with both. Expect to laugh, and to talk about loss, in one fell swoop.