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New Mussar Pathways to Bring Your 'Spiritual Curriculum' Up Close & (Inter)Personal

Zoom John H.

John (Etzimcha Chaninah) Hample MA MAdEd is a Winnipeg adult educator and program practitioner. He has studied mussar at The Mussar Institute (TMI), the Center for Contemporary Mussar (CCM), and the Institute for Jewish Spirituality (IJS). TMI-Certified as a mussar facilitator, he also works as a researcher/advocate to help bridge 21st-century mussardik and hasidic/neohasidic traditions as program-development possibility for adult Jewish education. This winter he is teaching two sections of the TMI Season of Mussar 1 course as an Etz Chaim pilot program.  He serves on the End Homelessness Winnipeg Board of Directors, and as Project Coordinator for the Chavurah Mussar Winnipeg (CMW) Working Group

Modern Mussar - a Jewish spiritual discipline using self-examination, havruta study with a partner, and group-work  to become the best possible version of ourselves - is enjoying a renaissance in North America. Several major centres of mussar teaching and learning now offer richly varied, potentially life-changing opportunities on-line to study classic as well as contemporary Mussar sources. This presentation will introduce you to these opportunities, and the exciting practices they offer. It will also share information about current local efforts to establish Chaburah Mussar Winnipeg (CMW) as an emerging community of practice dedicated to cultivating Mussar learning and Mussar friendships across our local organizations.