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When Klezmer Met Jazz

Zoom Allan C

I am retired from Public Accounting, and am now a part-time instructor at Seneca College and consultant. I am also very much invested in my own personal interests which includes music, Jewish studies and history. As such, I have prepared a course called Jewish American Influence on American Popular Music, 1880-2000. I have launched this series using the Beth Sholom Synagogue Zoom platform after Covid-19 struck. I have presented approximately 30 sessions from this course and plan to resume sessions in the fall. By word of mouth and without virtually any marketing, I have reached hundreds of people all over the world.

We will explore the history of Klezmer music as it developed and moved from Europe to America. After Klezmer music settled and percolated in America, we will review its remarkable rise and fall from popularity. We will then review Klezmer music's revival from near extinction, in the 70's. The presentation includes PowerPoint slides with images and historical video clips.