Arts, Culture and Literature

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Jewish Pride: The Jewish Future

Join Ben M. Freeman, the founder of the modern Jewish Pride movement as he breaks down his manifesto for ensuring a Jewish future built on Jewish Pride. 

Ben will educate, inspire and empower you to reject the shame of Jew-hate imposed on Jews by the non-Jewish world as well as non-Jewish perceptions of what it means to be a Jew. 

My First Sequel

After twelve books over thirty years, I have finally written my first sequel.  What was there about my novel An Unorthodox Match, that I just couldn't let go?    And how through the years have I navigated the choppy waters of being the first to write novels about the ultra-Orthodox world- receiving so much flak along the way- to now being just one of many? How do I feel about the explosion in the literary and entertainment world of novels and television shows based in the Haredi world?

When Klezmer Met Jazz

We will explore the history of Klezmer music as it developed and moved from Europe to America. After Klezmer music settled and percolated in America, we will review its remarkable rise and fall from popularity. We will then review Klezmer music's revival from near extinction, in the 70's. The presentation includes PowerPoint slides with images and historical video clips.

Forget Prayers, Bring Cake: Grief and Grieving in 2022

Based on the book, this is a close look at joy and loss and how they go together, and what ritual has to do with both. Expect to laugh, and to talk about loss, in one fell swoop.

Finding Nazi-Looted Artwork in North American Museums And Collections

This presentation looks at Holocaust-era Provenance Research in North America. Starting in the 1990s, international pressure began building to resolve the issue of Nazi-looted assets, including artworks. In 1998, 44 nations, including Canada, endorsed the Washington Principles, calling on nations to develop legal and regulatory means to address the issue, and on museums to identify and restitute Nazi-looted artworks to their Jewish owners. 

Going Viral For Good

Kosha Dillz tells the story of his NYC life experience and how he started going viral to create more happiness in the world via his freestyle raps.

Tracing Memory: A Process Art Workshop

‘Tracing Memory’ is a process art workshop. Art derives meaning from process (aka how it’s made) not only how it appears in the end. This means that the making is what matters here, not the end product; there is no pressure to produce a Picasso and no previous art knowledge or skills required! 

What you’ll need to participate:

-    10 pieces of paper (any size you’re comfortable with, I’d recommend cutting some 8.5”x11” sheets in half, but it’s totally up to you!)

-    something to draw with (pencils, pens, markers, crayons… anything that will stay where you put it on the paper and won’t create too much mess, but whatever you like to use will work just fine!)

-    a creative spirit 

-    stories to share!

We will be learning and practicing a meditative drawing technique which we will use to trace through the details of special memories and moments from our lives. We will begin with a few warm-up exercises before we begin. The main event will involve several rounds of drawing with breaks to share our work and stories with each other periodically as we go. ‘Tracing Memory’ will encourage moments of personal reflection and contemplation and will also provide an opportunity for meaningful connection with the other participants.