Jewish Community

Sunday, March 6, 2022

L'dor V'dor (From Generation to Generation)

Genealogy is the study of one’s ancestors. Learn the basics of Jewish genealogical research, how to discover your ancestors and connect with new relatives. Learn how DNA testing can generate interesting facts about your ancestors and the ethnicity of Jewish people.

Engaging the Next Generation of Jews Through Media

Join Avi Posen for an interactive deep dive into his work at OpenDor Media (also known as Unpacked), the leading global Jewish educational media company. The organization educates, entertains, and engages young Jews around the world by creating videos, films, podcasts, articles, and social media content about all things Israel and Jewish. Through the use of some of their digital content, Avi will take you into the world of Jewish educational media and its impact on the next generation of young Jews.

Finding Love and Jewish Community in Nigeria

Learn about the fascinating story of the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, some 50 million strong,  who consider themselves to be Jewish, and the effort to embrace them through Halachic Conversion this past summer.

This session will be presented with Eliana Saks (Rabbi Saks daughter), Moshe Nwafor (Eliana's fiance) and Ugochukwi Nnaji Moshe's brother in law.

Going Viral For Good

Kosha Dillz tells the story of his NYC life experience and how he started going viral to create more happiness in the world via his freestyle raps.

My Babi Freda and her Story of Surviving Auschwitz

As the granddaughter of four Holocaust survivors, Marnie Bondar grew up well-fed on chicken soup and extraordinary stories of survival and heroism.  A tight bond with her grandmother, Freda Plucer, remained until Freda’s death in January 2020 and the two shared a lifelong commitment to standing up to intolerance and discrimination. While Freda can no longer personally share her experiences from the Holocaust, including life in the ghetto and in the Auschwitz concentration camp, Marnie considers it an incredible honour to continue to share her Babi Freda’s story.