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Build Power, Do Justice: An Introduction to Congregation-Based Organizing

Broderick Bagert
Together New Orleans, Organizer

Broderick Bagert is an organizer with Together New Orleans, a coalition of congregations and civic organizations building power to bring about positive change in our community. Broderick is from New Orleans where he lives with his wife, Celeste, a 9th grade English teacher, and their two sons, aged six and eight.

This session will introduce a model for engaging our congregations in an approach to doing justice that puts relationships, leadership development, and trust at the center of bringing about change to systems, not just symptoms. At the heart of this model are congregations engaging in deeper relationships with congregations and communities different from their own, especially across the lines of race and class.

By strengthening the capacity of our congregations to act on their missions in the world, we can strengthen the power of “everyday people” to affect the decisions and policies being made about them – decisions upon which the very strength and stability of families and communities depend.