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Gentle Yoga for All Levels

youtube Gentle Yoga for All Levels

Dena Borman
Yoga with Dena, Owner/ Founder

Dena Borman is a certified yoga teacher based in New Orleans who specializes in teaching yoga to beginners and students at all levels. Her classes include variations and adaptations for all people in all bodies as she believes yoga should in fact be a practice that is accessible and enjoyable for all! You can find out more about Dena and her offerings (both virtual and in person) at her website,

All are welcome for gentle, accessible movement focusing on mobility, breath, and grounding. For this session, participants will need a chair and a cushion-y item (pillow, blanket, towel, etc.) Optional: yoga mat, yoga blocks. Participants are encouraged to leave their webcams on so that the presenter can modify instruction and provide feedback in real-time -- just like an in-person class!