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Youtube: Israel: Democracy on Life Support

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Israel: Democracy on Life Support - Trying to Find the Pulse of a Nation
Mitchell Barak
Mitchell Barak
KEEVOON Research, Founder

Israel is in the midst of its fourth Parliamentary election in two years. The Knesset and the Government are barely functioning in one of the most challenging times in Israel’s history. People have lost faith in their elected officials who seemed detached from any reality or sense of responsibility. Why is Israeli Democracy on life support? Do Israelis have a pulse? Understanding who Israelis are and what they think is the key to understanding Israel. Utilizing exclusive public opinion research and polling data, a thorough perspective of Israelis is presented. What is the difference between Israeli Jews and Israeli Israelis? Ashkenazim and Sephardim? Left and Right? Religious and Secular? Veterans and Immigrants? Jews and Arabs? Learn how these various demographic groups impact the political system and the Knesset.