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GrownUp StoryTime

Colleen Moore
GrownUp StoryTime Boston

Colleen Moore is a writer, performer, and producer for Boston GrownUp StoryTime. She lived in Houston, TX for a few years and fell in love with the community GUST attracted there. She was inspired to bring the concept to Boston and in May of 2016 the first Boston GUST performed for a sold-out crowd at Aeronaut Brewing. Colleen lives in Somerville with her husband Giuseppe and dog Peach.

GrownUp StoryTime is a session of funny, heartwarming, crazy, amazing stories read aloud. They take short stories (fact, fiction, and everything in between) written by the community, give them to local performers, and funny, heartwarming, exciting storytelling magic ensues. 

$15; includes complimentary snacks (drinks available for purchase); pre-registration required