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The World’s Most Popular Conference for Self-Funded Startups

20 - 22 October 2019

Opening Reception: 20 October @ 7:30 PM

Closing Reception Ends: 22 October @ 11:30 PM

What is MicroConf Europe?

MicroConf is a two-day conference focused on self-funded and indie-funded software startups, with an emphasis on SaaS. Watch our promo reel here.

Who should attend?

If you've launched, or want to launch an indie software startup outside the traditional VC route, MicroConf is designed for you.

Our speakers are hand-crafting their sessions for founders building ambitious, yet sane, software startups. No talks about spending your huge piles of venture capital.

Venue, hotel, and travel info

MicroConf Europe will take place in Dubrovnik at the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace. Rooms are available at €115-130 per night, including VAT. Reservations include breakfast. Cancellations must be submitted well in advance to avoid cancellations fees. Visit our Travel page for more information.

We're arranging a welcome reception Sunday evening around 15:30, so plan your flight accordingly. Most people will fly in Sunday afternoon and leave Wednesday morning.

Who's Behind MicroConf Europe?

MicroConf is hosted by Rob Walling and Mike Taber of Startups for the Rest of Us and FounderCafe.com.

Why are the ticket prices in USD?

We were forced to make a tough decision on how to accept payments. We could either accept payment in Euros using PayPal or have Eventbrite process payments, which requires us to price the tickets in USD. We eventually decided that avoiding PayPal in the checkout experience was more important than offering tickets priced in the local currency.