Cyber Survivability Global Summit 2019 Cyber Survivability Global Summit 2019


When our cyber strategies are struggling or failing routinely and cyber attacks are breaching organizations & governments daily, what should decision makers do next?

Join us as we build a new approach & share solutions needed to meet this critical new challenge.

Who Should Attend?

Chairmen, CEOs, Board members, senior Government officials, department heads, experts, academics, regulatory bodies’ officials, and any decision makers of organizations of all sizes especially those responsible for departments and/or strategic and operational leaderships.

Sponsorship, Exhibiting & Speaking Opportunities

Please send your inquiries to [email protected] dot com

This Summit is part of the MLi Group Global Summit & Seminar Series. For more info visit

View our founder's statement at the UN WSIS2019 Forum on Geo-Poli-Cyber warfare and their unprecedented threat to the $27 trillion global economy and trade. Standard CyberSecurity is no longer able to mitigate these threats so MLi Group offers Cyber-Survivability strategies as a way forward.