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Can 'TRUST' Online & Offline be Secured in The New MiLE? Challenges and Possible Industry and Sector Players.


Online ‘trust.’  In the United Kingdom, UK Intelligence Services have been granted full immunity from hacking laws.  if Other Governments follow suite, how will this imapct  ‘trust’  by citizens of the UK , and of the world, have in their Governments?

Followed by audience Qs and As, engagement and discussions

Debate: Can  'TRUST' Online & Offline be Secured in The New MiLE.

What is the value of TRUST in an online or offline world?

How critical is TRUST to everyday life?

Is the concept of TRUST the same across the world? & What are the common factors?

What would the damage be if TRUST was compromised in the online World?

What are the threats to TRUST in the new Internet and Landscape Ecosystem?

What can be done to safeguard TRUST in the new Ecosystem?