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Casting Pen Blanks

MWWS Week 1
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Barry Gross
BG Artforms

Barry has been working with wood for over 45 years and is an author of 6 books and 2 DVD’s on turning and pen making and has over 60 articles published in many wood working magazines including Fine Wood Working and Woodturning Design Magazine. He has demonstrated his methods on pen making at AAW symposiums and many turning clubs throughout the country. In addition, he is an instructor at Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts and The Marc Adams School of woodworking.

1. Mold Selection & Clear Casting – No Pressure Pot

•    Silicone Molds vs HDPE – high-density polyethylene – high strength to density ratio

•    Tube-in silicone molds vs DogBone / DinoBone

      o    Leaks – plugs 

      o    Silicone Molds are tube specific / DogBone accommodates all     sizes.

      o    Stackable

      o    Cast-A-Blanka System

•    Polyester resin – no pressure pot 

•    Label casting (Fuente labels)

      o    Wrap tube & cast it / demold

      o    Turn & finish a polyester blank with a negative rake carbide tool