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Resin Casting: Add The Pizzaz

MWWS Week 2
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Bradley McCalister

Woodturner, Artist, and Founder of Spiracraft

Bradley McCalister is a world-renowned craftsman and the founder of Spiracraft. Bradley loves to turn traditional teaching methods on their heads, and he brings his easy confidence and hard-won wisdom to all of the seminars he teaches, and never holds back on the tips, tricks, and stories that make him so effective.

*Bradley will host two additional free one-hour live follow-up sessions to his seminars each Sunday beginning 03/14/21 for previously registered seminar attendees on his private streaming service.

Sponsored by Chroma-Craft: Want to make your resin really pop? Casting resin is like a blank canvas; there are multitudes of ingredients we can add to create genuinely unique resin art! In this seminar, Bradley demonstrates using color tints, pearlescent and iridescent powders, films, glitters, gemstones, and shells, to name just a few. Your only limitation is your imagination. Release your creativity with the information demonstrated in this colorful seminar.