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Timeless Tools: Billet to Blank

MWWS Week 1
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Tracey Cheuvront
Bastionhead Woodworks

Self taught, Tracey carves functional wooden art without the use of templates, guidelines or automated machinery. In addition to teaching powercarving and tool restoration, he has made many hundreds of one-of-a-kind spoons, bowls, tool handles, and custom pieces in the last handful of years. His innovative and ever-evolving workflow meshes hand and powercarving techniques allowing him to make unique, exquisite pieces with remarkable expediency. In his seminars, Tracey will primarily emphasize the hand tools and methods that remain indispensable to his unorthodox process.

Clean up rough split billets into trued-up blanks using axe and drawknife, with an introduction to the marvelous shavehorse.