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Wood Turning: Refining The Shape

MWWS Week 2
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Bradley McCalister

Woodturner, Artist, and Founder of Spiracraft

Bradley McCalister is a world-renowned craftsman and the founder of Spiracraft. Bradley loves to turn traditional teaching methods on their heads, and he brings his easy confidence and hard-won wisdom to all of the seminars he teaches, and never holds back on the tips, tricks, and stories that make him so effective.

*Bradley will host two additional free one-hour live follow-up sessions to his seminars each Sunday beginning 03/14/21 for previously registered seminar attendees on his private streaming service.

Sponsored by Robert Sorby Tools: The initial turning process is but a start. Once you have roughed in the shape of a turned piece, it is time to refine the form into a pleasing shape. In this seminar, Bradley will share his tips, tricks, and techniques to reveal a beautiful design pleasing to the eye. Refining the figure is a sculptural aspect of woodturning, where we get to bring our design ideas to life.