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Chamfers, Bevels, and Miters

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Charles Bender
Chuck Bender Woodworking

Chuck has been building furniture since he was 12. For ten years he worked at Irion Company Furniture Makers leaving as head of their chair and casework production. Since 1991, he has earned a reputation as a builder of the highest quality 18th century reproduction furniture. In 2007, he started the Acanthus Workshop to become a woodworking mentor, instructor and author. In 2013 He worked for Popular Woodworking Magazine as a senior editor. In 2014 he ventured out on his own and with a couple of woodworkers and helped co-found 360 Woodworking. Fast forward to 2021 and Chuck is focusing on furniture building, classes from Chuck Bender Woodworking, and educating for The Woodworking Shows

Whether you’re making crown molding for a piece of furniture, adding a decorative detail to a piece of millwork, or making a picture frame, the table saw is the perfect tool to cut clean, accurate miters, bevels and chamfers. Join Chuck Bender as he demonstrates the tricks of the trade for making perfect, accurate miters, bevels and chamfers.