Saturday, April 24, 2021

Welcome and Introductions

Ronney Abaza, MD, FACS

LIVE SURGERY: Multiport Partial or Complex Radical

Ketan Badani, MD

LIVE Q&A with Moderators
Moderator: Ronney Abaza, MD, FACS
Panel: Joseph Jamal, MD, FACS, Jihad Kaouk, MD, FACS
Chandru Sundaram, MD, MS, FACS

Post Case Program: Advancing your Technique and Complexity in Robotic Kidney Surgery

12:00 PM
Retro Approach for the Obese Patient
James Porter, MD

12:20 PM
High Complexity Tumors: Tips and Tricks for Successful Partial

Craig Rogers, MD, FACS

12:40 PM
Industry Sponsored Product Theater

1:10 PM
The Role and Value of Robotic Radical Nephrectomy: Pros and Cons
Benjamin Chung, MD

1:30 PM
Challenging Scenarios in Robotic Nephrectomy: Large Tumors,
IVC Thrombus, and More 

Monish Aron, MD, MCH

1:50 PM
Q&A Panel 
Discussion Panel: Jeffrey Nix, MD, FACS, Ahmed Ghazi, MD,
MSc, Jen Jane Liu, MD, Ranko Miocinovic, MD, Mohamad Allaf, MD,
Ashok Hemal, MD

• Where is SP Most Valuable in Kidney Surgery?
• When is Partial not Advisable, and Converting to Radical?
• Advanced Imaging, 3D Models, ICG, Ultrasound Tips and Tricks
• Postop Care Pathway, Shifting Towards Same Day Discharge