Saturday, February 27, 2021

Top 10 Tips to Faster Robotic NeoBladder

Jennifer Linehan, MD, Lee Zhao, MD, Sandip Prasad, MD
and Benjamin Lowentritt, MD

12:15 PM
Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Early RARP Cases in < 4 hours
Sammy Elsamra, MD, FACS

12:35 PM
Case Selection and Technical Selection for Early RAPN 
Megan Merrill, MD

12:55 PM
A Look to the Future: RARP Nerve Sparing with 3-D Models
James Porter, MD

1:05 PM
Top 10 Tips to Faster Robotic NeoBladder 
Janet Kukreja, MD, FACS

1:25 PM
Building a Reconstruction Program 
William Fuller, MD

1:45 PM
Q&A Panel Discussion
• How to Build Volume When Your Denominator is Low
• When to Make the Jump to More Advanced Cases
• How to Optimize Skills in Post Graduate Years
• How to Build a Team and Incorporate Trainees

2:15 PM
Closing Comments and Panel Remarks 
John Davis, MD, FACS