New Directions in Arts Administration: Who, What, Why & How New Directions in Arts Administration: Who, What, Why & How
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Julie Goodman
Drexel University, Associate Professor

Julie Goodman is an Associate Professor of Arts Administration & Museum Leadership and Department Head of Arts & Entertainment Enterprise at Drexel University. Her research explores intersections of policy and practice in the creative industries.

This session explores a community-engaged project embedded in an interdisciplinary graduate course. The course supported an initial partnership and pilot project between a consortium of five mid-sized cultural organizations and a university, with the goals of expanding and sharing audiences, building inter-organizational connections, and developing a cooperative virtual reality platform. Attendees will discuss the project’s fit in arts management curricula, intersections of community-based (external to the University) and interdisciplinary (within the University) projects, the future of arts management education, and ways in which arts management education connects policy to practice.