New Directions in Arts Administration: Who, What, Why & How New Directions in Arts Administration: Who, What, Why & How

Zoom 5.26 - 2

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Inclusion and Engagement of Marginalized Students: "Starting from YES" as an Example of a Curb-Cutting Technique that Benefits All Students
Jim O'Connell
Jim O'Connell
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Associate Professor / Arts Management Coordinator

Seeking to establish a culture of respect, inclusion, and affirmation, our program makes the centerpiece of each course a student-defined project involving a real or imagined organization. When questions arise, the answer is yes, always yes, validating students' prior experience and enduring interests, enabling them to see themselves in roles once considered irrelevant or unattainable. This “curb-cutting” technique not only fosters inclusion and engagement of traditionally marginalized groups but makes the curriculum more accessible for all. After presentation of the example, participants will brainstorm ways in which they might regrade the "Big Steps" in their own curricula that trip up even promising students.