New Directions in Arts Administration: Who, What, Why & How New Directions in Arts Administration: Who, What, Why & How

Zoom 5.26 - 7

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Nonprofit Arts Education in NYC: Administrative and Financial Challenges in Government-Nonprofit Relationships
Keith E Kaminski
Keith E Kaminski
CUNY Baruch College

A large volume of arts instruction in NYC public schools is provided by arts and cultural nonprofits with funding from city agencies through grants and contracts. Using a mixed methods approach, this project collects data from nonprofit professionals to study the demographics of their organizations and their experiences with city agencies. Participants report a range of administrative and financial challenges encountered in their work and a fundamentally different understanding of the nature of the relationship compared to that of agency administrators. Specific recommendations are offered to improve collaboration, streamline and clarify administrative processes, and prioritize consistency and equity in funding.