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Monday, June 20, 2022

Workshop - "How To Create Your Own NFT Marketplace?" hosted by NFT.Kred
Michael Battaglia
Michael Battaglia NFT.Kred, Customer Success Manager
Kevin Godfrey
Kevin Godfrey NFT.Kred, Product Manager

In this workshop, you will learn how to create your own whitelabel NFT marketplace with a simple email or social sign-up. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Tactics to Make Your Fashion NFTs Crush It
Nico Fara
Nico Fara Chief Metaverse Officer, CEO
Nelly Mensah
Nelly Mensah Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, VP of Digital Innovation
Marco Marchesi
Marco Marchesi Marco Marchesi, CTO
Jessica Greenwalt
Jessica Greenwalt VaynerNFT, Creative Director, Creative VP, Founder
Ashli Weiss
Ashli Weiss Weiss Law LLP, Attorney
Sports League NFTs: IP and Licensing
sean kelly
sean kelly Chibi Dinos
Jeremy Lindblad
Jeremy Lindblad Chibi Dino's NFT, CEO
Terance Mann
Terance Mann Los Angeles Clippers, Professional Basketball Player
PJ Washington
PJ Washington Charlotte Hornets, Professional Basketball Player
Evolving Standards and the Path to NFT 2.0
Ira Rothken
Ira Rothken ConsenSys Mesh, Advisor
Israel Wilson
Israel Wilson Snowcrash, SVP of Partnerships
Andreas Freund
Andreas Freund Treetrunk, Dr.
John Wolpert
John Wolpert ConsenSys Mesh
JP Bedoya
JP Bedoya Civic, Vice President and Head of Product and Design
Stop the Mint Meltdowns
Alexander Mayes
Alexander Mayes Coinbase NFT, Staff Product Designer
Charu Sethi
Charu Sethi Unique Network, Chief Marketing Officer
Chris Hart
Chris Hart Civic, CEO
Lenny Criddle
Lenny Criddle Mint Meltdown, Co-Founder
One Year NFT Learning Curve - Takeaways for the Traditional Art World
August Rosedale
August Rosedale Mirage Gallery, Owner/Founder
Emily Wigoder
Emily Wigoder Ad Astra, Traditional Art and Web3: A Case of Accessibility and Attitudes
Richard Jacobs
Richard Jacobs M4GE, Artist
Anne Spalter
Anne Spalter Anne Spalter Studios, Artist
Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt
Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, Co-Founder
Building an Authentic NFT Project
Vijay Krishnan
Vijay Krishnan Consensys, Director of Technolgy
Jeff Caldwell
Jeff Caldwell Immutable Image, Co-Founder Immutable Image and Street Cuts
Maria Popova
Maria Popova Everyday Goddesses, Co-Founder
Jiayin Chen
Jiayin Chen Jiayin Chen, Head of NFT and Web3
How IRL Fashion Brands can Take the Leap into the World of NFT Wearables
Leanne Elliott Young
Leanne Elliott Young Institute of Digital Fashion, CEO & Co-Founder
Indre Viltrakyte
Indre Viltrakyte The Rebels by House of Kalinkin, Founder & CEO
chad knight
chad knight Wilder World, Head of Cyberwear
Angel Pui
Angel Pui DiamondHandBag, Founder
Nikita Rotanov
Nikita Rotanov ARTISANT, CTO
University Athletics and NFTs
Mario Morris
Mario Morris University of Notre Dame, Executive Deputy Athletic Director
Claire VeNard
Claire VeNard University of Notre Dame, Associate Athletics Director
Jess Brubaker Horst
Jess Brubaker Horst University of Notre Dame Department of Athletics, IT Solutions Specialist
Patrick Nowlin
Patrick Nowlin Notre Dame, Senior Associate Athletic Director- Business Innovation and Revenue Generation
Bringing the Traditional Art World on Chain with NFTs
Chris Cummings
Chris Cummings Iconic Moments, Founder & CEO
Aaron Wilcox
Aaron Wilcox Meta Musee, Creative Director
Amanda Cassatt
Amanda Cassatt Mojito & Serotonin, President & CEO
Aisha Arif
Aisha Arif MakersPlace, Community Marketing Lead
Peter Klarnet
Peter Klarnet Christie's, Christie's
Understanding the Value of Tokenized Real Estate
Jarib Figueredo
Jarib Figueredo State of Florida, Candidate for State House of Representatives
Bobby Singh
Bobby Singh NiftySky DAO, Founder and CEO
Elizabeth Strickler
Elizabeth Strickler Elizaday llc, Director, Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Mathieu Tebele
Mathieu Tebele Rendezvous Equity, Co-Founder
Connecting the Physical and Digital World in Retail with NFTs
Josip Vlah
Josip Vlah Rezolut, NFT & Metaverse Lead
Mark Shekleton
Mark Shekleton SmartSeal, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Michelle Reeves
Michelle Reeves, Co-Founder & CEO
Yonathan Lapchik
Yonathan Lapchik Suku & Infinite World, CEO
Krissy Mashinsky
Krissy Mashinsky usastrong.IO, Founder
Next Gen NFT Standards and Protocols
Raullen Chai
Raullen Chai IoTeX, Co-Founder
Michael Sofaer
Michael Sofaer Pylons, Founder & CEO
Jonathan Dorfman
Jonathan Dorfman Jonathan, Chairman of the Board, Director of Degens
Victor Zhang
Victor Zhang Smart Token Labs, CEO
Riccardo Sibani
Riccardo Sibani My Neighbor Alice, CPO
NFTs and Impact Investing: A Natural Fit
Caleb Marsh
Caleb Marsh Owl.Investments, Digital Asset Expert
Fatima Alam
Fatima Alam IncubateX, CEO
Simon Telian
Simon Telian Advanced Blockchain AG, Chief Investment Officer & Managing Director
NFTs with Gucci and SuperRare
Zack Yanger
Zack Yanger SuperRare, SVP, Business Development
Nicolas Oudinot
Nicolas Oudinot Gucci, EVP New Businesses and Gucci VAULT CEO
Sports and NFTs in the Next-Gen Web
Joanna Rindell
Joanna Rindell Onefootball, Senior legal counsel (Blockchain/NFT)
Chris Worsey
Chris Worsey SportsIcon
Dax Hansen
Dax Hansen Perkins Coie LLP, PARTNER
Matt Marino
Matt Marino OneOf, VP, Sports and Lifestyle