NFT.NYC 2021 NFT.NYC 2021

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Monday, November 1, 2021

Tweetup NFT + NYC

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If you are in town for the NFT conf and/into NFTs, coming hang, free coffee/pastries.

Hosted by Shai Goldman + Brex

Getting into NFTs: NFT.NYC Kickoff

On Monday, November 1, the digital displays at DorDor Gallery in Bushwick, New York will feature 25 works from artists who have created NFTs on Voice.

$10 NFT Ticket

Our tickets are NFTs, of course, minted by the DorDor Gallery in a limited amount. If you haven’t already, create your Voice account then buy tickets here.

You must have a ticket in your Voice account to enter on November 1.

GM New York: Gen Z Crypto Brunch

Apply to be part of a curated group of 15 founders and investors to join the current NYC cohort for breakfast at the new Launch House NYC location. Spice up your NFT NYC experience with bagels, coffee, and crypto!

You'll receive an invite email if your RSVP is approved - if you don't receive confirmation, you will not be able to attend.

Mask Ephemera Exhibition

Open house gallery exhibition of NFTs questioning identity & anonymity

Underworld Uprise NYC

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A projector filled immersion room will bring everyone into DeadHeads scenes in addition to other top #NFT artists.

Event Schedule:
3:00pm-4:00pm: DeadHeads, Dario de Siena & Pop Wonder experience
4:00pm-5:00pm: The Ghxsts Experience. (Metacitzn + GxngYxng)
5:00pm-9:30pm: DeadHeads, Dario de Siena & Pop Wonder experience
9:30pm: The Ghxsts Experience. (Metacitzn + GxngYxng)

The first 1000 people to RSVP will receive a custom POAP upon arrival to the party. 

Enchanted Valley Community Meetup

RSVP in Discord

The very first 'Enchanted Experiences' is coming soon. The warm, welcoming, magical, joyful vibe that you all love and enjoy in our community online can soon be experienced IRL in NYC.

Join us for a magical evening of conversations, laughter and fun.

Meetup (for Loot Adventurers)

Come join Loot Adventurers and friends at Loot's inaugural community meetup

One37 Presents: Becoming Beeple

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Fireside Chat + Screening of "Becoming Beeple", a mini documentary.

NFT.NYC x VIP + Speaker Dinner

NFT.NYC VIPs are invited to join us at an exclusive VIP and Speaker Dinner the evening before the event. RSVP is required and seats are limited.

NFT.NYC x POAP NFT Treasure Hunt

The hunt goes all week!

POAP is excited to announce POAP Hunt ‘21, an official satellite event of NFT.NYC. During the week of the conference, POAPs will be available to anyone who wants to go find them. POAPs will also be available to claim during unofficial events, parties, and most importantly, scattered around NYC.

Participants will be able to view a map of the redemption locations online and/or receive a map containing the locations of various POAPs. They’re then invited to travel around the city to various locations, including galleries, bakeries and public spaces to collect the POAPs. Each POAP will act as a ticket to a raffle, which will be held via during NFT.NYC closing ceremonies.

More info @

Monday Knight Football

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Kickoff NFT NYC week with a Monday Knight Football Gamewatch. Join NFT, sports & entertainment influencers as the Giants take on the Chiefs

Attendees will enjoy NFT giveaways and competitions from the teams behind Knights of Degen, Curio & NFT Redzone.

Sponsored by Los Dos Tequila


Music, art, free pizza from Rare Pizzas/PizzaDAO.

Music: 0N1 KA1 2, Avalona, DJ Quazr. Visuals by Batmalk.

Halloween Bash and costumes are encouraged.

Must own one of these to enter:
Ethereals (.011E Floor), 0N1 (1.028E Floor) or Frogland (.059E Floor)

Proof of Party

RSVP Required

Proof of Party - An NFT gallery with musical performances.

You will receive an email if your RSVP has been accepted via the lottery. Not everyone will get a ticket based on capacity of the venue.

The Stoned Age

A sensory experience curated by EtherRock owners for degens and apes only.

Featuring two legendary DJ's (TBA).

More info.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Treasure Chest Brunch

Request Invite.

Please join us to say gm! and get your Tuesday started right with breakfast catered by Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Hosted by Treasure Chest and special guest @beijingdou to celebrate the progress the NFT community has made. More info.

VIP Lunch and Lounge (Sponsored by Alethea AI)

VIPs join us for Coffee from 9am-11am and Buffet Lunch from 11am-3pm

Vintage NFT Rare Pepe Gallery

RSVP Here.

Open house gallery of vintage Rare Pepes displayed and auctioned in physical form with their digital counterparts. 

Scarce City is hosting a separate nearby pop-up gallery that celebrates Pepe as Art.

All works will either up for auction or accepting private offers.

Additional info regarding featured works and event schedule to be released up to the event.

More info:

GM New York: Brunch

Apply to be part of a curated group of 15 founders and investors to join the current NYC cohort for breakfast at the new Launch House NYC location. Spice up your NFT NYC experience with bagels, coffee, and crypto!

You'll receive an invite email if your RSVP is approved - if you don't receive confirmation, you will not be able to attend.

Crypto Art Fair in Times Square

NFT Magazine will host Crypto Art Fair on a state-of-the-art 15,000 square foot high-definition LED billboard capable of full motion, in the heart of Times Square. Our star artist line-up includes the biggest names in NFTs. The show also features an immersive AR pop-up exhibition occupying Times Square which will last the whole day in partnership with SuperWorld. 1 minute walk from the conference.

Now, NFT Magazine is hosting Crypto Art Fair, its first event, at Times Square in NYC. Over 50 top tier artists will be participating, including Alex Christodoulou, Alexa Meade, Andreas Wannerstedt, Android Jones, Annibale Siconnolfi, Antoni Tudisco, Billelis, Clay Weishaar, David McLeod, Eduard Mykhailov, Federico Clapis, James Tralie, Jason Ebeyer, Kidmograph, Klarens, Madebystudiojq, Marc Tudisco, Marco Mori, Ondrej Zunka, Roger Kilimanjaro, Shane F3D, Steven Baltay, Ted’s Little Dream, Vexx, and many others. 

A state-of-the-art, 15,000 square foot billboard with a high definition LED screen capable of full motion video, wraps around the corner of a building in Times Square, capturing impressions on two streets in different directions. The artists’ work will be displayed here throughout the day. 

As part of Crypto Art Fair, NFT Magazine is partnering with SuperWorld and Pollinate to provide an AR (augmented reality) experience in Times Square in addition to their billboard display. Artworks will be anchored to locations in Times Square and will remain there for two days for spectators to view. NFT Magazine and Pollinate are curating the artworks for the AR experience together and this is not exclusive to artists on the billboard display. The AR experience will be accessible through the SuperWorld app. 

Back Bomb Talk by Bobby Hundreds

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Adam Bomb Squad is The Hundreds’ collection of 25,000 bomb NFTs that grant membership to a culture, community, and brand with deep roots in art and streetwear. Every week, Bobby interviews different holders from the ABS community, from celebrities to experts, friends to everyday collectors. Together, they walk listeners through the daily happenings in the NFT space, educate newcomers and clarify how the technology is opening up a hopeful future.

Join Bobby and a mystery guest as they discuss NFTs and how to break into selling digital art in the metaverse.

Crypto On Tap (Podcast Recording)

Join us for a drink and crypto questions if you're willing to share your thoughts & stories while recording an episode of Crypto On Tap.

ICONIC NFT Art Exhibit

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The "ICONIC" NFT art exhibit features artwork from notable artists in the Internet Computer ecosystem from LA, New York, Miami, Japan, Singapore, Istanbul, and Paris. Artists include Ludo, a Parisian street artist known for his Bitcoin flower series, as well as Selay Karasu, who has created artwork for Burning Man.

Also, claim a free NFT exclusively available at the "ICONIC" art exhibit!