Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Breast Imaging I - Track 1

Moderators:  Katherine Gallagher, MD and Katerina Dodelzon, MD 

8:55 am   Welcome

Victoria Mango, MD

9:00 am   Beyond Wires: Future Directions in Breast Localization

Yolanda Bryce, MD

9:20 am   Cryoablation of Locoregional Primary Breast Cancer - Technique, Tips and Tricks

Richard Ha, MD

9:40 am    Future of Breast Radiology Empowered by Emerging Technologies

10:00 am    Break

Janine Katzen, MD

10:20 am    Patient Centered Care

Kemi Babagbemi, MD

10:40 am    Increasing Diversity and Breaking Down Barriers in Breast Imaging Care

Linda Moy, MD

11:00 am   Transgender Imaging and Imaging of Men at High Risk for Breast Cancer


11:20 am    Question and Answer Session

11:30 am    Lunch

Emergency Radiology - Track 2

Moderator: Kathryn Dean, MD

8:55 am     Welcome

Sergey Kochkine, MD

9:00 am     Imaging Abdominal Trauma: Solid Organ Injury Grading: Updates, Pearls, and Pitfalls

Lyndon Luk, MD

9:20 am    Delays in Diagnosis: Bowel Related Emergencies

Avraham Zlochower, MD

9:40 am    Stroke Imaging

10:00 am    Break

Michelle Roytman, MD

10:20 am    Skull Base Injuries

Susan Lee, MD

10:40 am     Extremity CTA

Jessica Rotman, MD

11:00 am     Time is Tissue: MSK Edition


11:20 am     Question and Answer Session

11:30 am    Lunch

Breast Imaging II - Track 1

Moderator:   Jessica K Rosenblum, MD 

Yiming Gao, MD

1:00 pm     Calcifications on Modern Mammography

Allison Borowski, MD

1:20 pm    Pearls and Pitfalls of Imaging Pregnant and Lactating Patients

Jill Gluskin

1:40 pm    Probably Benign:  Appropriate Use of BIRADS 3

2:00 pm    Break

Beatriu Reig, MD MPH

2:20 pm   That's Me In the Corner:  Update on the Axilla

Neesha Patel, MD

2:40 pm    Trouble Shooting the Difficult Biopsy

Alana A. Lewin, MD

3:00 pm    Challenging Radiology-Pathology Correlation


3:20 pm    Question and Answer Session

Nuclear Imaging - Track 2

Moderator:  Randy Yeh, MD 

Sandra Huicochea Castellanos, MD

1:00 pm     Somatostatin Receptor PET Imaging

Ryan Reddy, MD

1:20 pm     Neuroendocrine Tumors Theranostics and Treatment

Ali Aria Razmaria, MD MSc

1:40 pm     Prostate Cancer Imaging with Ga-68 PSMA PET

2:00 pm     Break

Mikhail Doubrovin, MD, PHD

2:20 pm     Advantages of Use of [18F]DCFPyL for PET-CT Diagnostics of Prostate Cancer

Sonia Mahajan, MD

2:40 pm     PET Imaging in Cardiology

Somali Gavane, MD

3:00 pm    Pearls and Pitfalls in PET/CT Imaging 


3:20 pm    Question and Answer Session

Thursday, October 7, 2021

AI in Radiology - Track 2

Moderator:  Joseph Stember, MD

Alex Bratt, MD

9:00 am     AI in Cardiothoracic Imaging

Sarah Eskreis-Winkler, MD

9:20 am     Breast Imaging and Artificial Intelligence: Past, Present and Future

Angela Tong, MD

9:40 am     AI Applications in Body Imaging

10:00 am    Break

Simukayi Mutasa, MD

10:20 am     Artificial intelligence in Musculoskeletal Radiology

John Zech, MD

10:40 am     Applications of AI in Nuclear Medicine

Timothy Szczykutowicz, PhD, DABR

11:00 am     Implementation Challenges for AI: When Fancy Tools Don’t Work


11:20 am    Question and Answer Session

11:30 am     Lunch

Abdominal Imaging - Track 1

Moderators: Stella K Kang, MD and Abhinav Vij , MD

Chenchan Huang, MD

9:00 am     Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Review and Update

Grace Lo, MD

9:20 am     Updates on PI-RADS

Jeeban Paul Das, MD

9:40 am     Multimodality Imaging of Complications Related to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy. A Primer for Diagnostic Radiologists

10:00 am     Break

Natasha Wehrli, MD

10:20 am     Pearls from Pancreas Tumor Board

Sheila Sheth, MD

10:40 am     TIRADS What do You Need to Know to Make it Work

Firas Ahmed, MD

11:00 am     Potentials and Pitfalls of Radiomics in Abdominal Imaging


11:20 am     Question and Answer Session

11:30 am     Lunch

Chest/Cardiac Imaging - Track 1

Moderator:  Larry A Latson Jr, MD, MS

Jonathan Goldstein, MD

1:00 pm    CTA Evaluation of Acute Non-Traumatic Aortic Syndromes: Pearls and Pitfalls of Post-op Imaging

Jonathan Alis, MD

1:20 pm    Dual Energy CT in Acute Pulmonary Embolism

Viktoriya Paroder, MD PhD

1:40 pm     Esophageal Cancer: What a Radiologist Needs to Know in 2021

2:00 pm     Break

Sharon Roszler Steinberger, MD  

2:20 pm     Cardiac Masses: Key Imaging Features and Pathologic Correlates

Anna Bader, MD

2:40 pm     Lung Cancer Screening

Asmaa Nagiub, MD

3:00 pm     Role of Cardiac MRI in Evaluating and Predicting the Fate of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy


3:20 pm     Question and Answer Session

Musculoskeletal Imaging - Track 2

Moderator:  Edward S Yoon, MD

Sonali Lala, MD

1:00 pm    Imaging the Postoperative Shoulder 

Steven Daniels, MD

1:20 pm     Imaging the Postoperative Hand, Wrist and Elbow

Yoshimi Endo, MD

1:40 pm    Imaging the Postoperative Foot and Ankle

2:00 pm     Break

Sinchun Hwang, MD

2:20 pm     Imaging the Postoperative Tumor Patient

Edward Yoon, MD

2:40 pm     Imaging the Postoperative Spine

Mingqian Huang, MD

3:00 pm     Imaging the Postoperative Knee


3:20 pm     Question and Answer Session

Award and Social event

Place and Time TBD

Friday, October 8, 2021

Interventional Radiology - Track 1

Moderator:  Yosef (Joe) Golowa, MD

Lea Azour, MD

9:00 am     Current Imaging of PE and Emerging Technologies: Is There a Role for Artificial Intelligence?

Vivian Bishay, MD

9:20 am     Factors That Drive Clinical Decisions in PE Patients: How and When I Decide to Treat

David Hirschl, MD

9:40 am     Devices to Treat PE: Past, Present and in the Pipeline

10:00 am    Break

Joseph Titano, MD

10:20 am     Endovascular Treatment of PE/DVT: Strategies and Pitfalls

Anuj Malhotra, MD

10:40 am     Clot in Transit: How to Formulate a Therapeutic Plan

Adie Friedman, MD

11:00 am     PE and VTE in Cancer Patients: Special Considerations


11:20 am     Question and Answer Session

11:30 am     Lunch

Neuroradiology - Track 2

Moderator:  David Gutman, MD

Alicia Meng, MD

9:00 am     Imaging of Perineural Disease

Gopi Nayak, MD

9:20 am     Head and Neck Missed and Misinterpreted Findings

Andrew McClelland, MD

9:40 am     Stroke Differential Diagnosis and Mimics

10:00 am    Break

Sara Strauss, MD

10:20 am     Skull Base Trauma

Kristen Leeman, MD

10:40 am     Advanced Imaging in Stroke    

Joanne Rispoli, MD

11:00 am     Imaging of Pediatric Epilepsy: An Overiew


11:20 am     Question and Answer Session

11:30 am     Lunch

Radiation Oncology - Track 1

Moderators:  Robert Press, MD  

Nancy Lee, MD

1:00 pm     Utility of FMISO PET for Treatment De-Escalation of HPV+ Oropharyngeal Cancer

Silvia Formenti, MD

1:20 pm     Radiation Therapy, Immunotherapy, and the Abscopal Effect

Fred (Cheng-Chia) Wu, MD, PhD

1:40 pm     Use of Focused Ultrasound to Optimize Treatment of CNS Malignancies

2:00 pm     Break

Carmen Perez, MD, PhD

2:20 pm     Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation

Arpit Chhabra, MD

2:40 pm     The Management of Skull Base and Spinal Malignancies

Stanislav Lazarev, MD

3:00 pm     Reirradiation of Intracranial Adult and Pediatric CNS Tumors


3:20 pm     Question and Answer Session