Presenting Mixing Board (Live)

A new kind of comms and marketing event for current and rising leaders
October 3-5, Austin, TX 

Like any great event, the best part about Mixing Board (Live) will be the people attending. And, we'll have some of the most thoughtful and experienced comms and brand marketing leaders participate in Austin. We aim to make the October 4 conference program center around the awesome folks in the room and be unlike any comms or marketing event that you’ve attended. Lots more details to come.

A limited number of tickets are available for $699. We will be keeping this event small and cozy.

Note that we are also including a $50 Texas Offset in this price. This Offset is a modest attempt to counteract those currently running the state and their policies. The money will be split evenly between:


Monday 10/3: 

Tuesday 10/4: 

Wed 10/5: