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Debate: Audience and Panelist will debate the following questions: Is Transparent, Democratic, Representative & Legitimate Governance of the Internet Achievable in New MiLE? How? What can Latin America Contribute?

Milton Mueller A - Room "Main Hall"

Jovan Kurbalija
Geneva Internet Platform, Director

Director, DiploFoundation & Geneva Internet Platform

Philip Corwin
Virtualaw LLC, Principle

Philip S. Corwin is the Founding Principal of public policy consultancy Virtualaw LLC as well as Of Counsel to the IP-centric law firm of Greenberg & Lieberman, both located in Washington, DC. He currently serves as one of two representatives of ICANN’s Business Constituency on the gTLD policymaking GNSO Council. He is also a member of the Internet Committee of the International Trademark Association and serves on its Internet Governance Subcommittee, where he has led trademark sector efforts to review and comment upon the ongoing process for IANA functions transition and enhanced ICANN accountability. His efforts helped shape the rights protection mechanisms (RPMs) contained in the new gTLD program Applicant Guidebook.

Mr. Corwin is also the long-serving Counsel to the Internet Commerce Association, the only trade group representing domain investors and developers. And he is engaged in various ICANN working groups, including Co-Chair of the WG developing curative rights protections for international intergovernmental organizations, and an active participant in the WG setting accreditation standards for privacy and proxy services providers.

Mr. Corwin received his BA in Government from Cornell University and his JD from Boston College Law School.

Vladimir Radunović
Diplo Foundation, director of e-diplomacy and cybersecurity educational and training programmes

Vladimir Radunović is a director of e-diplomacy and cybersecurity educational and training programmes of DiploFoundation. Prior to this, he has coordinated the Internet governance and policy programmes since 2005. Vladimir also served as a Member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) of the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2012-2014. He has actively participated in the global process since World Summit on Information Society in 2003, and has been a lecturer and a speaker in number of online and in-situ professional educations and trainings in Internet governance worldwide. His professional focus is on capacity development and online learning, broadband and access policy, cybersecurity and Internet safety, network neutrality, open Internet and end-user rights, e-participation and e-diplomacy, Internet governance process and negotiations. He holds an MSc in electrical engineering from the University of Belgrade and a Master degree in contemporary diplomacy from the University of Malta with thesis on e-diplomacy, and has undertaken a PhD programme in cybersecurity. He was born and lives in Serbia.

Agustina Callegari
Defensoría del Pueblo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Centro de Protección de Datos Personales

Licenciada en Ciencias de la Comunicación por la Universidad de Buenos Aires, especializada en políticas de la comunicación en la era digital. Se ha desarrollado principalmente en
temas de protección de datos y privacidad, libertad de expresión y gobernanza de Internet.

Bruno Ramos
ITU, Latin America Director

EnglishBruno Ramos was appointed Regional Director for the Americas Regional Office in April 2013. He Acts as the principal ITU representative vis-à-vis , Governments, telecommunication organizations, development banks, regional organizations and other stakeholders in the region, develops and maintains close relationship with these entities at the highest level and ensures that any agreements entered into by the ITU with these organizations are implemented as well as with the UN Resident Coordinators and other Agencies Representatives in the Americas (CITEL, AHCIET, COMTELCA, ASETA, CTU, and UN system). Mr. Ramos is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the work of the Regional Office and associated area offices in Barbados, Chile and Tegucigalpa. Participates directly and oversees important activities (studies and technical cooperation projects) carried out in the region related among others: regulation, spectrum management and monitoring, strengthening institutions of telecommunications, infrastructure and human resources. Mr. Ramos’ entire career has been concentrated in the telecommunications industry. He worked in the capacity of Senior Engineer at Telesp, Telecomunicações de São Paulo and most recently as Superintendent of Data, Mobile & Satellite Communication is the Brazilian Telecommunications Agency – Anatel. In addition to this, he was Vice-Chairman for ITU-T Study Groups from 2000 – 2013, as well as Head of Delegation for WCIT-2012 in Dubai Mr. Bruno Ramos holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo (USP), and two master’s degree on Telecommunication Regulation and Electronic Engineering at the University of Brasilia (UNB). EspañolBruno Ramos ha sido nombrado Director Regional de la Oficina Regional de la UIT para las Américas en abril de 2013, es responsable por mantener y desarrollar relaciones con representantes de los más altos niveles vis à vis con los Gobiernos y Miembros de la UIT, las Organizaciones Regionales e Internacionales (CITEL, AHCIET, COMTELCA, ASETA, CTU, y Sistema ONU).El Sr. Ramos es responsable por el planeamiento, organización y dirección del trabajo de la Oficina Regional (Brasilia) y la coordinación con las Oficinas asociadas (Tegucigalpa, Santiago y Barbados). Participa directamente y supervisa importantes actividades (estudios y proyectos de cooperación técnica) llevados a cabo en la región relacionados entre otros a: Regulación, administración y monitoreo del espectro, fortalecimiento de entidades de telecomunicaciones, infraestructura y recursos humanos.Toda la carrera del Sr. Ramos se ha concentrado en la industria de las telecomunicaciones. Trabajó en calidad de Senior Engineer en Telesp, Telecomunicações de São Paulo, y más recientemente como Superintendente de datos, comunicaciones móviles y por satélite en la Agencia Brasileña de Telecomunicaciones - ANATEL. Además de esto, fue Vice-Presidente de las Comisiones de Estudio de la UIT-T de 2000 - 2013, así como Jefe de la Delegación de la CMTI-2012 en Dubai.El Sr. Bruno Ramos es graduado en Ingeniería Eléctrica de la Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo (USP), y dos maestrías, en Reglamentación de Telecomunicaciones y en Ingeniera Electrónica por la Universidad de Brasilia (UnB).


Is Transparent, Democratic, Representative & Legitimate Governance of the Internet Achievable in New MiLE?  If Yes, How? What can Latin America Contribute?

This new  Multilingual Internet and Landscape Ecosystem (MiLE) has created too many new challenges to an Internet Governance model already challenged to deliver for the old Internet let alone the new Ecosystem Born in 2014. The NSA surveillance at global level revealed by the Snowden revelations caused serious damage to Trust in many existing approaches on Internet Governance. Can this be repaired? How?

Reviews of the challenges and effectiveness to date of the many processes around including the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF), NETMundial, IANA Transition, and others and their ability to deliver in the new Ecosystem.

Attend to weigh in on the live debates on what needs to happen and be addressed head on to make internet Governance a global Democratic process for humanity which factors in the will of the people everywhere who will be governed by it and help shape a new model of the internet governance in the new Ecosystem to positively impact all stakeholders at local and global levels.