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Debate: Audience and speakers Round Table discussions: A) How to Turn Billions of Ready Users Into Customers?, B) Challenges of: Banking Sector and Cloud Services?, C) What are the Possible Tools to Successfully Empower Emerging Economies?, D) The role o


Anthony Harris
eCOM-LAC, Executive Director

Anthony, Tony, Harris is the executive director of CABASE, a non-profit Internet industry association from Argentina. He is also the executive director for The Latin America and Caribbean Federation for Internet and Electronic Commerce, eCOM-LAC, and the regional co-ordinator of GPK LAC.

Anthony Harris is a GNSO Council member for the ISPC. He acts as a spokesperson for the IT and domain industry of Argentina and Latin America, and participates regularly in various regional and international events and meetings.

Rodrigo de la Parra
ICANN, VP LatinAmerica and the Caribbean
Philip Corwin
Virtualaw LLC, Principle

Philip S. Corwin is the Founding Principal of public policy consultancy Virtualaw LLC as well as Of Counsel to the IP-centric law firm of Greenberg & Lieberman, both located in Washington, DC. He currently serves as one of two representatives of ICANN’s Business Constituency on the gTLD policymaking GNSO Council. He is also a member of the Internet Committee of the International Trademark Association and serves on its Internet Governance Subcommittee, where he has led trademark sector efforts to review and comment upon the ongoing process for IANA functions transition and enhanced ICANN accountability. His efforts helped shape the rights protection mechanisms (RPMs) contained in the new gTLD program Applicant Guidebook.

Mr. Corwin is also the long-serving Counsel to the Internet Commerce Association, the only trade group representing domain investors and developers. And he is engaged in various ICANN working groups, including Co-Chair of the WG developing curative rights protections for international intergovernmental organizations, and an active participant in the WG setting accreditation standards for privacy and proxy services providers.

Mr. Corwin received his BA in Government from Cornell University and his JD from Boston College Law School.

Today, Half of the internet users today are in Asia and the shift is increasing. 3 billion internet users worldwidey so far - 2 Billion are in Emerging Markets and Economies.

The next billion+ will come predominantly from Emerging Markets Economisies, NOT the west.

The Internet and the global landscape are undergoing a global Seismic change with huge ripples signaling a new Internet and Landscape Ecosystem.
How  are they interacting on the internet today? Would you like to know if your products & services are what they are thirsty for?  What challenges do these opportunities present?
Q- What opportunities do the current 2 billion and next billion+ internet users / consumers in these growing markets present to you, your operations and your business? 
Q- Are your products and servcies what they are ready or craving for?

Disover the High Level critical key findings that will be shared at this session to help you make more informed strategic decisions on how tap these ripe markets for your products and services.

* How and what new mechanisms are neededed to be brought in to help  shrink the ever growing gap between those in the west that Have and the those in emerging markets that Have NOT? Case studies presented.

* What are the new threats? How should they be addressed? By whom? How? when?
will these industries be abel, on their own, tol determine what needs to be done? will they be able to deliver TRUST while safeguarding their citizens'/ users' privacy and their day to day operations and those of all their stakeholders at all levels?

* Cloud Services in The New Internet & Landscape Ecosystem - A Tool for Empowerment or a New Risk to Privacy?

Debate: Audience and speakers Round Table discussions:
A) How to Turn Billions of Ready Users Into Customers?
B) Challenges of: Banking Sector and Cloud Services?
C) What are the Possible Tools to Successfully Empower Emerging Economies?
D) The role of new gTLDs in the New MiLE

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