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Dignitary Keynote Statements Followed By High Level Dscussions on New threats, challenges and opportunities in the new Ecosystem and the seismic shift in user base from west to emerging economies

Akram Atallah
ICANN, President, GDD
Dr. Edmund Katiti
Former Head of the NEPAD e-Africa Programme

Dr. Katiti is Former Head of the NEPAD e-Africa.

Jorge Cella
Microsoft, Director of Technology & Social Responsibility - Microsoft Argentina and Uruguay

Jorge Cella works at Microsoft for more than 19 years, currently serves as Director of technology and Social responsibility for Microsoft Argentina and Uruguay. In this role is the carry out corporate citizenship programs, impacting positively and generating greater development in the community. Within Microsoft Cella developed a wide career where he served in other positions as the Manager of corporate strategies. He studied Agronomy at the Universidad Católica Argentina and currently studies for certified public accountant at the National University of Quilmes. Jorge Cella was born in 1973 Buenos Aires. He is married, has two children and in their free time, in addition to enjoying it with them, likes reading and practicing Aikido.

Carlos Liuzzi
Nic Argentina, Jefe de Enlace Internacional

Dignitary Keynotes followed by High Level Discussions on new Threats, Challenges and Opportunities in the New "MILE". 

What New Threats, Challenges & Opportunities This presents To & In Latin America? Can You or the World Afford NOT To Pay Attention?
The shift of Internet User Base from west to Emerging Markets is seismic.The Internet and the global landscape are undergoing a Global change with huge ripples signaling a new "MILE". Today Half of the internet users today are in Asia and the shift is increasing. 3 billion internet users worldwide today - 2/3rd of them are from Emerging Markets and Economies.
What opportunities do the current 2 billion and next billion+ internet users in emerging markets present to your business? How  are they interacting on the internet today? Is your service what they are missing?  What challenges  do these opportunities present?
Join and learn of MLi Group research conducted on internet user habits and usability in the Arabic, Urdu and Farsi language communities. High Level critical key findings will be shared to help you make more informed strategic decisions to aim or not to aim at emerging markets for your products and services.