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Workshop: Opportunities and Challenges in the Internet Ecosystem for NGOs and their role in Internet Gobernance


Nick Ashton-Hart
Internet & Digital Ecosystem Alliance, Executive Director

Nick Ashton-Hart is the senior permanent representative of the technology sector to the UN, its member-states, and the international organisations in Geneva. He has participated in multilateral policy development since 1992, been an active part of the Geneva community for 14 years and a resident for the past eight.He came to international policy from private-sector careers in both the entertainment and ICT sectors, starting in the music industry managing some of the world’s most successful and influential artists including the “Godfather of Soul” James Brown. In the tech sector he started as a Systems Administrator in the 1990s and finished up as a temporary CIO/CTO five short years later, giving him broad hands-on technology experience.He is currently Executive Director of the Internet & Digital Ecosystem Alliance (IDEA), a Swiss NGO with the mission to ensure that for-profit and not-for profit Internet stakeholders are collectively represented to the multilateral policy community in Geneva. Geneva is home to 26 UN agencies and more than 50% of the international Internet policy meetings and processes that take place worldwide each year. Nick is the only person who participates across them in any representational capacity.Prior to founding IDEA he was Geneva Representative of the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA), Director for At-Large and Senior Director for Participation and Engagement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and Executive Director of the International Music Managers Forum (IMMF).Current Positions and Advisory Roles: Member, e15Initiative Trade and Innovation Expert Group and Digital Economy Expert GroupMember, Evian [email protected] Trade Task ForceMember, Board of Directors, MetaBrainz Foundation, the corporate home of MusicBrainz

Klaus Stoll
GKPF/Pathfinder, Executive Director

The Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organizations are the Internet’s largest stakeholder group, and they are becoming increasingly dependent on how the Internet operates in order to carry out work in pursuit of their vision and mission. 

Presenters from Internet stakeholder groups will address issues that directly impact Civil Society and NGOs use of the Internet by exploring the challenges and present effective strategic uses, tools and opportunities of the New "MILE".