Friday, June 19, 2015

"Innovator Meet Accelerator" Session & Contest. Local & regional innovators will pitch their innovative ideas to a panel of accelerators & mentors as solutions to Challenges in the New MiLE.

Local & Regional Innovators will pitch to a Panel of Accelerators & Mentors their ideas and solutions to local Internet Challenges in the New "MILE".

Are Latin American Innovators Ready to Turn Billions of Ready Users all over the Wordl Into Customers in The New "MILE"?

Annoucement of most original proposal thru a vote by the audience will be presented at the conclusion of the session. 

During a two hour session, innovators and entrepreneurs will present their ideas to a Panel of Corporate Accelerator representatives that will select the best ideas. There will be more than one presentation round. Every time and idea get selected it qualifies to the next round where it will gain more time to express and defend itself. The Corporate Accelerators will choose entirely on their own criteria which ideas, if any, should be supported and how. The ideas presented are from regional innovators and entrepreneurs and they can be on any matter regarding the new "MILE".