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DEBATE - Do Social Media Platforms and Front Line Service Providers have NEW Roles & Responsibilities in the New MiLE? if so, What are They?


Nasser Kettani
Microsoft, Chief Technology Office, Middle East and Africa, ,

Chief Technology Office, Middle East and Africa, Microsoft,

Warren Hero
Microsoft, CTO, South Africa
Ralph Simon
Mobilium Global, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


Do Social Media Platforms, Front Line Service Providers, and others intermediaries have NEW Roles & Responsibilities to their digital users in the New MiLE? If so, what are they?  

What are the New Roles & Responsibilities of Social Media Platforms, Front Line Service Providers, and others to South African, Africans and global digital users / citizens in the New Internet & Landscape Ecosystem?

The new  Internet and Landscape Ecosystem born in 2014 is already challenging the status quo and conventional thinking & models globally and locally in ways never seen, anticipated or admitted before especially on what are the new roles and responsibilities of Social Media Platforms and internet service providers (ISPs), Telecom Operators, or any front line digital service provider to their users / digital citizens. 

Case Study that puts this in clear perspective.

On November 25, 2014 a House of Commons UK report found that Lee Rigby's murder may have been prevented if details about an online exchange were shared with UK authorities. This online exchange happened on Facebook.

Rigby was a British soldier who was killed and beheaded by two terrorists on a London high street in broad day light on May 22, 2013. Michael Adebowale, one of the two killers, had an online exchange on Facebook with an extremist overseas in December 2012, prior to killing Fusilier Rigby.

During the exchange he expressed his "intent to murder a soldier in the most graphic and emotive manner", according to a report by the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee.

The Rigby Case, new cyber security cases, and online child abuse cases amongst many illustrate without a doubt how we are we witnessing the emergence of new expectations of new roles and responsibility at local and global scale that reflect the dynamics this New Internet and Landscape Ecosystem born in 2014? 

What are the ramifications of this change in roles and responsibilities?

What should these new roles and responsibilities be?

Should they be voluntary or regulatory?

How can social media platforms and ISPs and others show leadership in corporate social responsibly?