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What & Where are the Great New Opportunities in The New MiLE for Africans and their Front Line Service Providers?


Dr Moctar Yedaly
African Union Commission, Head of Information Society

African Union Commission, Head of Information Society, Department

Nasser Kettani
Microsoft, Chief Technology Office, Middle East and Africa, ,

Chief Technology Office, Middle East and Africa, Microsoft,

Ralph Simon
Mobilium Global, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Lucky Masilela

Are South Africa & African Innovators Ready to Turn Billions of Ready Users all over the Wordl Into Customers in The New Multilingual Internet & Internet Landscape Ecosystem?

Today, Half of the internet users today are in Asia and the shift is increasing.

3 billion internet users worldwidey so far - 2/3rd of them are from Emerging Markets and Economies.

The next billion+ will come predominantly from Emerging Markets Economisies, NOT the west.

The Internet and the global landscape are undergoing a global Seismic change with huge ripples signaling a new Internet and Landscape Ecosystem.

How  are they interacting on the internet today? Would you like to know if your products & services are what they are thirsty for?  What challenges do these opportunities present?

Q- What opportunities do the current 2 billion and next billion+ internet users / consumers in these growing markets present to you, your operations and your business?

Q- Are your products and servcies what they are ready or craving for?

Join and learn of MLi Group research on internet user habits and usability conducted in the Arabic, Urdu and Farsi language communities.

Disover the High Level critical key findings that will be shared at this session to help you make more informed strategic decisions on how tap these ripe markets for your products and services.